Do you need a life changing massage? A relaxing and therapeutic moment that can relieve the pain of the body and the mind? Massage by Claudio is the answer to your needs and a first coast favorite. This praised professional can provide the best massages in the most relaxing environment you know: your own house. Claudio V. Lopez is an experienced licensed massage therapist with chiropractic experience, years of training and hundreds of pleased clients in the Jacksonville area. With Massage by Claudio you get the guarantee that you are being treated by a professional who held the positions of second vice president and president of the local chapter of the Florida State Massage Therapy Association. Besides, he has been licensed and insured since 2007. Claudio’s sessions have the best balance between quality and price. So, what kind of services can this professional provide to its clients?

•Relaxing moments combined with a therapeutic treatment

•Single and group appointments

•Chair massages Full body massages

•Massages of 60, 75, 90, 105 or 120 minutes, according to your needs

•Private session in your house

•Group session in your work space or other venue

•Therapeutic Swedish massage, Swedish/Deep Tissue "Combination" Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Deep Tissue Neuromuscular massage, Extra Deep Tissue Neuromuscular massage or a Sports Massage (the best for athletes)

The best professional massages and the best deals. Experience a relaxing moment in your house or work place. Do you know that the ancient art of massage is one of the oldest pain relieving methods in the entire planet?

That’s right: Chinese records with 3,000 years are an historical proof of its results. But, also Hindus, Persians and Egyptians used the art of massage to relieve a lot of symptoms and types of pain.

So, if the ancient people believed in this form of therapy, why won’t you?

Contact Massage by Claudio today through his website or phone number 904-705-3546 and schedule your appointment today!

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